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Making The Cut - October

Earlier this month, I rolled through the little New Mexico town of Winston on my way to the wilderness for a few days of fly fishing and camping. When I say little town, there are fewer than 100 people who live there and it's the last stop for food, gas, or ice on the way into the wilderness area. As I entered the tiny town I thought it best to refresh the coolers with new ice. So I stopped at the only store in town...The Winston General Store as happened to be named. I mean really, driving into a town named Winston with green stick Winston fly rods packed in the truck made me smile. And, walking into the Winston General Store to then look over at a case with several green handle Case knives! I considered it "a sign" for me to buy a knife as a nice momento of this fishing and camping adventure. Looking over the selection of knives, I decided the Case Peanut knife with Bermuda green bone handles, nickel silver bolsters, and inlay shield was the one for me. It has brass lin

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