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Orvis Superfine 7'6" 1wt Fly Rod

My lightest fly rod - an Orvis Superfine 7'6" 1wt rod that was their Trout Bum model in 2008. It's not a noodle. Surprising to me, it has about as much power handling trout as my 3wt rods but lighter in total weight. It's like holding a feather in your hand and I like using it on a couple of creeks where there are a bunch of little wild browns and natives.  This rod combo (rod, reel, line) is the most perfectly matched gear of any rod/reel I take fishing...they work perfectly together and have netted a bunch of trout for me through the years. I have to say the little inexpensive Battenkill I clicker is a's loaded with an Orvis Wonderline WF1F fly line. I don't lock any other reel into that rod.

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